1. my first tiff (2012)
    I had been wanting to go to tiff for years but I was always too intimidated by the red carpets and industry events. upon hearing that darren criss was going to be here (I was in my glee phase), those fears quickly disappeared.
  2. richard ayoade (2013)
    I went to the premiere of the double and had him sign my ticket.
  3. jesse eisenberg (2013)
    he was at the premiere of the double but went straight into the screening, so I went to his premiere of night moves to have my social network DVD signed.
  4. max irons (2014)
    I was walking around on a rainy friday evening and saw max irons smoking outside of the trump hotel. I asked him for a selfie, he obliged and we parted ways. EXCEPT NOT REALLY, because 15 minutes later, I'd see him smoking near the doors of soho house. we made eye contact and smiled at each other. the next day, I was walking to chipotle and passed the intercontinental. guess who it was smoking in front of the entrance? max fucking irons, again.
  5. andrew garfield (2014)
    at the premiere of 99 homes, he went around with his own sharpie and signed for every single person who wanted an autograph. I had my social network DVD signed and got to tell him how much the movie meant to me.
  6. chris evans (2014)
    I went to the premiere of before we go to have him sign my ticket, but he stopped right before my section to head in. the day after, he was at the 2nd screening which I had the ticket for. during the Q&A, I congratulated him and asked him what his favorite moment on set was. he searched for me in the audience, thanked me and answered my question. afterwards, he got off the stage and I was finally able to get my ticket signed. he kept my sharpie and was about to leave with it until I stopped him.
  7. sebastian stan (2015)
    I waited outside of the press conference for the martian to get his autograph and was successful in doing so, but I didn't get to thank him because I was elbowed in the face by a nasty autograph hound.
  8. nicholas hoult (2015)
    I was with a group of girls who saw him entering the ritz, so we asked him if he would take photos with us and he came over. after I got my photo with him, he looked at it and said, "that's a nice one." a few minutes after he entered the hotel, he looked back at us and spoke with a man who came out and gave us tickets to the premiere of his movie.
  9. charlie kaufman (2015)
    I had a ticket to the premiere of anomalisa and didn't expecting him to stay for autographs, but he did. a lot of people asked him to sign their ticket but they didn't come prepared with a pen, so I offered mine. he signed for as many people as he could and made sure he got to me.