1. Bike to work in my pajamas, change at work
  2. Mix balsamic, olive oil, mustard, soy sauce, and sea salt for salad dressing
  3. Straighten the bottom section of my hair and use the flat iron to twist the top portion into loose waves
  4. Email myself ideas or things I need to do and leave the email marked unread until completed
  5. Use one notebook (blank Leuchtturms) for everything: sketches, lists, work notes, everything. Bring it everywhere
  6. Watch tv (The Office or 30 Rock) on my laptop in the kitchen at night while I make the next mornings breakfast smoothie.
  7. Zocdoc for doctors appointments. Teuxdeux and google cal for all life stuff
  8. In anticipation of unstructured time (unplanned evening, unplanned weekend), I write a list before I leave work of things I want to do
  9. Let my clothes pile up in the corner of my room all week and then put them away at once
  10. Always carry 2 books
  11. Keep a secret Pinterest board of gift ideas. Whenever I see or think of something I put it there, year round
  12. If I love a book I buy and read everything else that person wrote before moving on
  13. Maintain a list (in teuxdeux) of books to read. Set up used book alerts for all of them on powells.com
  14. After seeing a movie I immediately look it up on imdb to read the trivia
  15. Phone in the left pocket keys in the right
  16. 1 cup of coffee at home and 1 at work
  17. Clean the apartment before I leave town
  18. Sweep and clean the bathroom Saturday morning
  19. Make a list of things to pack before packing
  20. Reread long emails after I send them
  21. Open every link I want to read in a new tab and then go down the line reading them