1. Marilyn Monroe slept in a claw foot tub filled with pillows and mints from a casino
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  2. The actress Lena Dunham doesn't sleep. She talks to herself in a mirror until everyone wakes up again
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  3. Bill Gates sleeps in a room set to his specific preferences for temperature, sound, and color, with the stuffed whale he's had since childhood
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  4. Anne Boleyn slept with her brother...maybe?
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  5. Hemingway slept best in Cuba after several dozen mojitos, head down on his desk, pen on the floor
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  6. Michael Jordan slept in his uniform during the playoffs. He couldn't risk it
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  7. Ben Franklin slept in a chair he thought he invented. No one had the heart to tell him it came from a yard sale.
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  8. Ansel Adams slept on a cliff when he has to
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  9. Harry Potter slept in Gryffindor Tower. Everyone knows that
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