1. Marilyn Monroe slept in a claw foot tub filled with pillows and mints from a casino
  2. The actress Lena Dunham doesn't sleep. She talks to herself in a mirror until everyone wakes up again
  3. Bill Gates sleeps in a room set to his specific preferences for temperature, sound, and color, with the stuffed whale he's had since childhood
  4. Anne Boleyn slept with her brother...maybe?
  5. Hemingway slept best in Cuba after several dozen mojitos, head down on his desk, pen on the floor
  6. Michael Jordan slept in his uniform during the playoffs. He couldn't risk it
  7. Ben Franklin slept in a chair he thought he invented. No one had the heart to tell him it came from a yard sale.
  8. Ansel Adams slept on a cliff when he has to
  9. Harry Potter slept in Gryffindor Tower. Everyone knows that