I've had 21 roommates. Even the shitty ones taught me something.
  1. Margeaux (roommates in high school)
    Taught me to dance using my butt
  2. Christine (freshman yr in college roommate)
    Taught me about twincest.
  3. Jacqui (roommate when abroad in Barcelona)
    Taught me to eat all food
  4. Kristin (roommate when aboard in Barcelona)
    Taught me about "going out" tops
  5. Jessie (roommate when abroad in Barcelona)
    Taught me that tall women are the best
  6. Matt (bf, lived together 22-23)
    Taught me basic cooking principles, and that butter is best
  7. Andrew (roommate after college)
    Taught me to try and befriend the people I actually wanted to be friends with. I'd been too shy before.
  8. Sailor Jon (roommates with Andrew and Matt)
    Taught me that some guys are idiots about women/tampons
  9. Nick (roommate in portland, age 22-23)
    Taught me to question people/art and to stand up for myself
  10. Yoav (replaced nick)
    Taught me to hide food/clothes that I care about
  11. Deborah (moved in post- Matt and yoav)
    Taught me that arguing is necessary in relationships, referred to it as "maintenance"
  12. Lisa
    Taught me how to look for good jobs
  13. Melissa
    Taught me that grad school doesn't automatically solve your problems
  14. Sylvia
    Taught me confidence
  15. Sarah
    Taught me that blaming others for your problems is repulsive
  16. Emily
    Taught me that tall women with skills and muscles are the best
  17. Pete
    Taught me how to be tidy
  18. Mikey
    Taught me that you can be stressed/exhausted and still be a kind and generous person
  19. Dan
    Taught me to curate guest lists instead of just inviting everyone I know
  20. Liz
    Taught me the magic of cleaning products beyond just owning multipurpose cleaner. Girl owns some shit that could clean anything
  21. Joel
    Taught me that owning power tools is necessary/awesome