1. A ceramic turtle figurine strung on a piece of rope while waiting for the bus
  2. A pamphlet on all the ways I needed "to be saved" because of the length of my skirt while eating a gelato on my stoop
  3. Gum, at a half coffee shop/half bike shop
  4. A Sesame Street Valentines Day card while in a night club
  5. Mix tapes, outside the Forever 21 on State Street
  6. My natal chart while impatiently waiting for a delayed train
  7. Flyers for their music festival or jam session or dj set, all over really
  8. A curse that made all my hair come out - I have no proof, but it is the only explanation.
  9. Drinks with rohypnol at two questionable bars
  10. His fresh semen.
  11. A single red rose in passing