Inspired by @Malpal list... Your list just made me want to talk about mine hahah!!
  1. I've always liked tattoos.
  2. I've thought about getting one, but I always thought that my life was too boring to get one.
    Like I was under this impression that I have to have this meaningful story about how I battled with this and that and this is a reminder to blah blah blah.
  3. But I never thought my life was special or unique enough to get one.
  4. The last couple of years I've really broken out of my childhood shell, and become me.
    My whole life I was a people pleaser (I still am for the most part), but a couple years ago I realized I need to do things for me and not worry about what others thought.
  5. Last year, I decided it was time for me to get a tattoo
  6. And looking back, I realize that the timing of me getting my first tattoo is SO symbolic.
    Lots of things happened in 2015, that have made me the person I am today.
  7. I decided to get a tattoo of a moon.
  8. I did some google searches of moon tattoos.
  9. Here are some I found that I liked
  10. Static
  11. Static
  12. Static
  13. I looked up symbolism of moons
  14. Here's essentially what I decided I wanted my moon tattoo to mean:
    A moon is a reminder that everything comes to an end, even the day. So seize the day! (Carpe diem is one of my favorite terms). The moon is a circle, which symbolizes that what comes around goes around aka Karma. (Which I'm also a firm believer in Karma). I've also always been super fascinated with astronomy and space. My favorite movies are based in space. A moon means so much to me.
  15. I found something I really liked.
    Placement and style!
  16. Placement: center
    Symbolism: balance
  17. I started researching artists.
  18. I wanted to find someone who had amazing line work and was also very creative and willing to make it their own.
    I didn't want the above tattoo exactly, I wanted my own personality spun into it.
  19. So I found Jocelyn McGregor
  20. I mean her last name is the same as one of my faves.... Ewan McGreggor
  21. I stalked her... And then emailed her if she'd be interested in the moon design
    It was important to me to make sure she would even be interested. As an artist, I know what it's like to not be thrilled about a client's wish.
  22. She LOVED the idea
  23. I set up a date for like 5 months after my emails with her
    I wanted some time to back out if I had any second thoughts
  24. I never had a second thought.
    Not once.
  25. I told Jocelyn that I wanted some water color "sky" behind the black moon outline
    She was even more thrilled
  26. The day came and I sat for 3 hours.
  27. Here is the beaut.
  28. Look at the white stars!!!
    I love the detail!
  29. My only "regret" was that since its on my back I can't see it ALL THE TIME because I love it so much.
  30. It's me.
  31. 💙🌙💜