All the Dog Related Things That I Own.

Most of these have actually been gifted to me.
  1. Another name for this list: "HOW YOU KNOW YOU ARE IN FACT A CRAZY DOG LADY"
  2. Mugs (set of 2)
  3. Starbucks Mug
  4. Mug that I use for a pen holder
  5. Dog Calendar
    Shoutout to my LA Secret Santa @ashleyapproved ❤️
  6. Yoga Dog Calendar
  7. Dog Bone Necklace
  8. Dog Pin
  9. Wine Shirt from
  10. Paws Shirt from
  11. Other shirts
  12. Magnet
  13. Dog quote decor
  14. Dog Christmas stuff
    Sorry... No pic... I don't feel like digging through boxes to find Xmas decorations. 😝
  15. Customized Dog Tote Bag
  16. Dog Boxers
    I actually bought these for my BF, but he doesn't wear them... So I wear them as PJ bottoms
  17. Books about dogs
    Art of Racing in the Rain, You Had Me at Woof, A Dog's Purpose, A Dog's Journey, The Rescue
  18. Keychain of a dog paw that I got for raising money for a walk for Humane Society
    Missing a gem 💎