1. Dear Neighbor,
  2. I know that you guys are college kids so that 7am you guys probably just went to bed.
  3. Because you were partying so hard.
  4. Good for you. I wish I could party that much still.
  5. But I've got responsibilities now.
  6. Like my dogs...
  7. Which brings me to the reason I'm writing this.
  8. I take my girls off leash after they've done a good potty downstairs and they can run up the stairs on their own.
  9. I've been doing this for MONTHS now.
  10. This morning... Your door wasn't closed all the way (which I was not aware of)
    I know it's not your fault... The doors just stick and you gotta put all your body weight into it when you shut it.
  11. When I took my girls off leash, Skylar, the 7 month old puppy, had this look in her eye.
  12. I don't know how to describe other than saying I knew she had the taste of freedom!
  13. She sprinted up the stairs and busted your door open.
  14. Since you must've been partying all night, because you are college kids, there were people sleeping on the ground.
  15. Skylar is a kisser.
  16. And her middle name is hops
    We named her that because of beer, but it turns out she's really good jumper too
  17. Those poor kids sleeping on the floor had a rude awakening
  18. And I am sooooo sorry for running into your apartment trying to chase my dog out.
  19. Meanwhile, Luna was awkwardly at the door like "Uhhh.... Am I supposed to be following you into this weird house that looks like mine but does NOT smell like mine??"
  20. That poor girl on the floor kept trying to push Skylar off.
  21. I doubt she even knew what was happening
  22. My only hope is that she was still drunk so when she wakes up at 1pm she questions whether or not that was a dream.
  23. It wasn't though.
  24. And if that was you sleeping next to her passed out, I'm sorry if I'm the reason she never comes back to sleep over.
  25. My bad.
  26. I am so sorry for my dog's rudeness and not knocking before entering.
  27. I'm working on her manners.
  28. Sincerely,
  29. Your Embarrassed Neighbor,
  30. Britt