...And my fave excerpts from it
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  2. "Criminals don’t “use” laws by researching their statutory defenses before they menace the public."
  3. "Children are at far greater risk of being abused in their own homes than they are in public restrooms."
  4. "The law can protect people from discrimination without giving those people “special” treatment; that is the concept of equality. "
  5. "If it walks like a chick and it talks like chick, it should be allowed to pee with the chicks.”
  6. And my favorite of all is the response to "Why don't we just make a separate bathroom for Transgenders"....
    A while back, we (and by “we,” I mean “the Supreme Court“) decided that “separate but equal is inherently unequal.” Forcing a group of people to keep away from the rest of us is pronounced “seg-reg-a-tion” and we don’t do that anymore. If we’re going to create a third bathroom, how about we just make the bigots use that one? That would seem easier.
  7. There you go!
    That's my bathroom talk!
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