Out of 30 pictures taken, I only post 1 or 2 on FB... There are SOME of the out takes.
  1. Yesterday I finally decorated our tree!!
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    I tried taking a picture but it couldn't focus on the tree!!
  2. So I had my dog, Luna, stand in to help focus
  3. First one...
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  4. Then there's this one
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    Why does she look high??
  5. Then this one
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    She makes it look so painful
  6. Then I got my other dog, Skylar, in there....
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    She looks like she's gotta pee
  7. That's better...ish
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  8. Of course it's a pain in the ass to get them to sit close to each other
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  9. Like seriously... Could you sit any further apart???
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  10. Oo... A little closer!!!
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  11. Okay lay down...
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    Maybe that will be better
  12. Luna!!! Why do you look high again!!! Open your eyes!!!
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  13. Ahh... Finally! The best picture...
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  14. Now I have to edit it....
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    And post on social media
  15. And now they are pooped
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