Behind the Scenes: Photo Shoot of My Dogs From Yesterday

Out of 30 pictures taken, I only post 1 or 2 on FB... There are SOME of the out takes.
  1. Yesterday I finally decorated our tree!!
    I tried taking a picture but it couldn't focus on the tree!!
  2. So I had my dog, Luna, stand in to help focus
  3. First one...
  4. Then there's this one
    Why does she look high??
  5. Then this one
    She makes it look so painful
  6. Then I got my other dog, Skylar, in there....
    She looks like she's gotta pee
  7. That's better...ish
  8. Of course it's a pain in the ass to get them to sit close to each other
  9. Like seriously... Could you sit any further apart???
  10. Oo... A little closer!!!
  11. Okay lay down...
    Maybe that will be better
  12. Luna!!! Why do you look high again!!! Open your eyes!!!
  13. Ahh... Finally! The best picture...
  14. Now I have to edit it....
    And post on social media
  15. And now they are pooped