Cutest Photos of My Dogs

  1. This is Luna
  2. She is a husky/lab mix
  3. She is 2 years old
  4. This is one of my favorite photos ever
  5. She loves to swim
  6. She's a cuddler
  7. And a goof ball
  8. Then we got Skylar
  9. She is a Lab Mix
    Golden Retriever maybe? Australian shepherd maybe?
  10. Skylar likes to hop
  11. This is how Skylar sleeps
  12. This is Skylar under a towel.
  13. She gives me side eye a lot!
    Sassy Skylar
  14. This is when we took Skylar home
  15. They really love each other
  16. They are very similar
    Luna when she was a pup vs Sky when she was a pup
  17. Seriously...Monkey see monkey do
  18. They like to joke around
    Silly dogs!!
  19. They hold hands
  20. I mean paws...
  21. Look! They made a heart with their paws!!
  22. These are my pups. And I love them with my whole heart!!!!!!!! 🐾❤️🐾