Embarrassing Things My Dogs Have Done

  1. Taken a shit right outside Target's automatic doors.💩🎯
    I was a new dog mom, and didn't have bags on me at the time and didn't know what to do. This Target doesn't have plastic bags because they are trying to be Eco friendly. So I did what I could with a paper bag and leaves.
  2. Humped me while I was holding her
    The worst part is when I put her down (because I was terrified she humped me), there was a wet spot on my shirt.
  3. 69'd another female dog the first time they met.
    She could've at least taken her out on a date first!
  4. Taken a 💩 in the public pool
    It was the annual dog splash event at the local public pool. They only have it once a year open to dogs. And of course my dog is the one to ruin it.
  5. Skylar curled up under the bed sheets. I got scared she was gonna suffocate so I lifted the blankets up a couple moments later. It smelled awful. That's when I realized she Dutch Ovened me... RUTHLESS!