How I Went From Confused to Overly Excited in 0.2 Seconds.

  1. I got this slip in my mail box that says my leasing office is holding my package hostage.
  2. Could this be my Secret Santa gift???
  3. I go to the leasing office and get an Amazon Prime package and an unmarked box!!!!!
  4. I immediately think the unmarked box is from List App SS
  5. Amazon Prime box must be something I ordered for my dogs 2 days ago.
  6. Unmarked box is from someone I know... Not a list app person.
  7. I get back in my car with said 2 packages.
  8. I start thinking about what I recently ordered on Amazon....
  9. ....WAIT A SECOND!!!!
  10. I'm not due for a Prime package until TOMORROW!!!
  12. My face when I realize it's gotta be List App SS
  13. Whilst stopped at a light I rip openly the Prime box
  14. Light turns green!!! ✳️
  15. I'm meeting the boyfriend for lunch and I'm already late so I can't stop and open the box even more!!!!
  16. This means I have to eat my lunch with the thought that my secret Santa gift is lonely in my car...
  17. I eat in like 2 secs...
  18. Run back to the car and drive to work!!!
    The package that is partially open is staring at me whispering "OPEN MEEEEE"
  19. Finally I'm parked and I open the package.
  20. Here's the note!!!
    SS remains a secret... You sneaky SOB (jk, I love you!!!)
  21. I rip open the gift!!!!!!!
  22. It's a page by day DOG calendar!!!!!!
    Secret Santa... I've never ever had a page by day calendar, but have always wanted one! And this is soooo perfect. I freaking love it!
  23. Now it is on my desk at my work!
  24. It's PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!
  25. Btw... Secret Santa...
    Have you been creepin' on me waiting for this exact moment when I post this list so you can reveal yourself??? Are you ever going to reveal yourself??? I don't care either way. But just so you know I really really really love my gift. Thank you!
  26. And thank you @ChrisK for being the ultimate Chris Kringle. 🎅🏼