@pili_ervin is an amazing individual
  1. First... I posted this list about Monopoly
  2. And Bill said he had some he wasn't going to use.
  3. So I gave him my address... BECAUSE I TRUST HIM!!!
  4. Today the girl who checks out mail at work brought me this envelope
    IT NEEDED 2 STAMPS?!????
  5. This was my expression
  6. My coworkers asked who and what it was!!
    @danashiroma knew so she was laughing! 😂😂
  7. "Is it from your secret admirer??? You turned all red!"
    I turn red really easily.... 😳
  8. I was embarrassed to say it was from a cyber friend, so @pili_ervin now you're family 😝
  9. Here is the gold in all its glory!!! 🤑
    I couldn't even hold them all in ONE HAND!!
  10. Inside with my prized possessions was a LIST!!!
  11. Here it is:
    You're not a stranger, Bill!! But thanks for the positive support!!
  12. You're the best @pili_ervin
  13. Thanks for the mail! I ❤️ 🐌📬
  14. Here's my board as of today!!!