I'm Pretty Sure I'm Supposed To Be Vegetarian

  1. This is something that continues to bother me every single day
  2. I believe in animal rights
  3. I have raised over $1000 to help animals in need
  4. I've volunteered at shelters
  5. I've been affected by Blackfish and other animal documentaries
  6. I believe that some animals are smarter than most humans
  7. I can't imagine life without animals
  8. I am not a religious person. I don't believe in heaven and hell. But if I did, this is what I expect the afterlife to look like.
  9. I don't believe in captive animals being used as a form of entertainment or for-profit
    Such as zoos and places like Sea World
  10. I don't believe in trophy hunting.
    That legitimately pisses me off. If you hunt lions or giraffes or rhinos, don't ever talk to me.
  11. I believe animals have feelings
  12. I really love animals
    I have Luna to thank for showing me how I really feel!
  13. But I eat meat.
  14. What's wrong with me.
  15. I'm a hypocrite
  16. And I HATE hypocrites.
  17. But pork tastes so good!
    Which is probably the worst ever because pigs are apparently one of the smartest animals.
  18. I am okay with other people eating meat.
    In fact... HEAR ME OUT... I think it's wrong of us to judge and be so upset when other cultures eat meat that we have as pets. WE DO THE SAME THING WITH PIGS AND COWS AND CHICKENS! To other cultures those are pets!!!! Who is to say what another person can or can't eat?! (I understand the treatment of the animal before its killed is a huge deal)
  19. But I'm not okay with the fact that I eat meat.
  20. Yet I still eat it.
  21. I'm sorry to the animals I have consumed.
    I guess it's all part of the circle of life.