1. I'm going to Disney World in December
  2. I'm as excited as a grown ass woman can be going to a child's theme park.
  3. But I'll be in good company.
  4. My issue: Animal Kingdom
  5. There's som Safari "ride" where you drive around and look at animals in "the wild"
  6. Live animals.
  7. Captive animals.
  8. It is claimed to be a sanctuary for these animals...
  9. Pretty sure that's what Sea World told people before the movie Blackfish came out.
  10. I'm super anti organizations that profit from animal entertainment.
  11. Sea World was the first I protested against
    (Metaphorically... It's kinda on my bucket list to stand outside sea world with those terrible signs)
  12. Then circuses, and zoos, and everything in between.
  13. So I'm torn.
  14. I'm already going to D World.
  15. But I think I can refuse to go to Animal Kingdom as a whole.
  16. That's the best I can do.
  17. Is that like going to Sea World and justifying it by saying you didn't see the Shamu show??
  18. I'm ethically torn peeps.
  19. Don't event get me started on Harambe.