My Last Name: MAAG

  1. How to spell it: "M-A-A-G. M, two A's, one G"
    Usually spelled like "Magg" so I have to spell it out like the second part of the above quote.
  2. What country of origin it's from: Netherlands
  3. What it means (in Dutch): Stomach
  4. How to pronounce it: "mog"
    Think of Haagen Daz! Or Britt Maag likes dogs.
  5. How many people I know with the same last name (besides family): zilch
  6. Some other cool things about my last name:
  7. So many pronounce it "mag" (like in magazine) that the majority of my dad's side of the family just pronounces it that way because it's convenient.
  8. 99% of the time I can bank on the fact that my name is the very first "M" name in a list of names alphabetized by last names.