My Top Favorite Designs I've Ever Done, Ranked

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    I challenge all you artists out there to post your top 5 (or so) favorite designs you've ever done!
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    Japanese Relief Posters (3 series)
    This is my absolute favorite design I ever made. EVER! Right after the tsunami in 2011, I made this series. Left has facts about Japan before the tsunami, Middle has facts about the disaster itself, and Right is how to help! When you combine all three they creat the Rising Sun. It's a series of hope.
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    "Man's Best Friend"
    Series of photos of people and their different pets.
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    The Red Spool: Stop Motion Animation
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    Volstead Wine Co. - Revolver
    My boyfriend's future winery he plans to create
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    Favorite portrait using charcoal.
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    Medical Foot Illustration
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    Favorite photoshop πŸ˜‚