1. Eating the clown for breakfast
    Expression used when someone is being funny... If I made a joke, someone would say: "Britt ate the clown for breakfast."
  2. Footery
    When something is a hassle and more work that it needs to be
  3. JOHN WAYNE... Or just: WAYNE
    Basically means "cool story, bro"
  4. D-E-D
    That's how you say someone is really truly "dead"
  5. Rubbish
    The rubbish man comes and picks up the rubbish that falls off the grapefruit tree and takes it away in his rubbish truck. Rubbish isn't just a British term... Hawaiians use the term for trash/garbage/pollution/etc.
  6. Bad Taste Party
    A costume party where you wear the ugliest things you own. Or weird combos. You just wear the weirdest things.
  7. Speak of her in high notes 🎶
    Basically "they speak highly of her"
  8. An apple and an egg
    Something is cheap. "You wouldn't believe how much I got that watch for! It was an apple and an egg!"
  9. So Dicks (or So Dix)
    When someone says something over the top and uncalled for. Ex: Bobby takes a bite out of Britt's sandwich and puts it back in the fridge. "So Dicks, Bobby!!"
  10. The Aughts
    When you refer to the 2000s, you call it the aughts. (Same goes for 1900-1909, 1800-1809...etc). Basically when there's a "0" in the tens.