1. Everyone says fostering dogs is hard. But you never expect it to be THIS hard...
  2. Meet Penny
  3. We love her and she loves us and @lunavino_skylarhops
  4. She was found in Modesto CA
    The Rescue I foster for takes dogs from Modesto because of the amount of dogs that get euthanized
  5. When my Rescue found her she was about to pop!
  6. They picked her up on the 9th day that she was there
    It's a 10 day hold. This means that a new dog that shows up at the shelter has 10 days to be picked up from their original owner. This is in case a dog gets out by accident or whatever.
  7. She had her pups about a week later
    8 scrunchy pups
  8. My fiancé and I took her when she needed to be weened from her pups.
  9. She's freaking awesome.
  10. Penny just wants to cuddle and be loved.
  11. She loves kids, dogs, and is just perfect.
    Mommy dogs are known to be the best dogs to adopt
  12. I've taken her to work and coworker's mention how easy she is and how they forgot she was there
  13. Meanwhile, I'm posting pics on Facebook.
  14. Of course I'm getting attached
    And so is the fiancé
  15. But I know we CANT keep her. There's a home better for her.
  16. I know it'll be hard to say bye to her but that in the end she will be adopted by a loving family.
  17. The first adoption event we went to she had zero people interested in her
    I'm convinced people were scared of her saggy boobies
  18. The second adoption event (a week later) we put a sweater on her and got a lot more interests
  19. One interest we were not a fan of.
  20. In your opinion, what would be the worst adopters to a dog?
  21. How about this: her original owners
  22. Yeah
  23. That's fucking right
  24. Her original owners talked to the rescue and said they wanted her back
  25. My fiancé and my initial reaction: FUCK YOU
  26. You are the reason this dog is here in the first place.
  27. So let me just tell you about rescues.
  28. You pay a small adoption fee usually around $300
  29. This pays for vaccines, food, spay/neuter, and any medical attention
  30. Well Penny was pregnant, has rotten teeth, had worms, and had to be spayed
  31. That's a lot of $$$
  32. So this fucking family decides that now that Penny is shiny and new they want her, as an expense of the Rescue
  33. Again: FUCK YOU
  34. You don't deserve a dog that you can't afford
  35. Wel turns out, it's not my call
  36. Fosters have ZERO say at this particular Rescue organization.
  37. Great.
  38. Guess what.
  39. She's going back to that shitty house.
  40. Why?
  41. Because they brought their kids.
    The rescue board said "they drove all the way from Modesto, and their kids really wanted to take her home today!"
  42. So... these kids... who don't make money and don't really take care of dogs want this dog. WTF!
  43. This is not what I signed up for.
  44. So what are we gonna do?
  45. I told the Rescue we will pay them however much they want, that we will foster her for as long as it takes to find THE home.
  46. There is no option. They made up their minds.
  47. They are giving her back to the family that left her in a shelter pregnant and alone.
  48. So what did I learn?
  49. I'm not fostering through them ever again.
  50. I'm going to find an organization that puts the foster's opinions first... because they are the ones that really know the dog.
  51. The worst part about this?
  52. It's my fiancé's birthday
  53. I made him cry on his birthday.
  54. Static
  55. Static
  56. Static
  57. Static
  58. Good bye Penny! ❤❤❤