1. I've decided that my New Years resolution is going to be speaking up.
  2. Fighting for what I believe in.
  3. Not worrying about what others might say.
    Even if it's my own mother
  4. I need to stop worrying about pleasing others and worrying about offending others.
  5. Because standing up for those who need it is important to me.
  6. I am so bummed that I didn't go to a Women's March today.
  7. I feel like I fail as a female.
  8. As a human.
  9. And the thing is I don't even have a good excuse.
  10. This isn't a good start to my new resolution, but at least I stood up for myself today.
  11. A few weeks ago I saw that Planned Parenthood had a new FB profile picture filter "I Stand with PP"
  12. When I first saw it I wanted to do it, but I was afraid of what my family members would say.
    They are all very catholic conservatives. A few of them have even protested outside of PP with those terrible prolife posters.
  13. So I didn't do it. Even though I wanted to.
  14. And I know that changing my photo isn't really doing anything. It's not helping, it's not donating. It's kind of a cop out. But for some reason it resonated with me.
  15. Today, I thought back on that filter and decided to change my photo and promote my support.
    It was the least I could do since I wasn't marching
  16. I got a text from my mom less than an hour after I changed my photo
  17. It read:
    Do you know what Planned Parenthood is? Do you support abortions?
  18. My response (part 1):
    Yes I know what planned parenthood is. Do you know that they do a lot more than abortions. Out of all the services they provide for people only 3% of people are there to get an abortion. I am pro choice because I believe a woman has the right to choose what she does with her body.
  19. My response (part 2):
    That is not to say that I would ever have one, bc I wouldn't. But who am I to say what another person chooses? I can't put myself in their shoes and know what they are going through. Planned parenthood is a great organization that provides medical services to women AND men. They provide services for low income individuals who can't afford getting screened or go to the doctor.
  20. Her response was something along the lines of Hilter wanting to feed his countrymen but it didn't make killing Jews okay.
    There was a lot of other stuff in there that was said that has the same rationality as the above statement.
  21. At the end she says:
    Anyways, whatever your views are, I would appreciate it if you change your profile picture bc it doesn't mean they have your views. I definitely wouldn't want to be in a picture with that over me. I do not agree. I will continue to pray for you
  22. So I changed my picture to this.
  23. But that last bit always gets to me.
  24. She's always saying that she's praying for me and my fiancé so that we find God and start going to church.
  25. It doesn't bother me that she prays for me, it bothers me that she always has to tell me that she's praying for me.
    Like I'm this devil worshiper that needs exorcism or something.
  26. I feel like she doesn't accept who I am.
    She always pushes her beliefs onto me and tries to convert me. She's more interested in praying to God than she is about accepting who I am.
  27. This frustrates me and makes it so hard for me to say how I really feel!
  28. Argh! Anyways...
    You are brave and amazing.