That Time I Ate a Live Cockroach

WITH PICTURES!! (Basically a picture book) This is a terrible, awful story. Be warned.
  1. I was at work (life guarding at the community pool)
  2. In the break room, we had a couple of cockroaches because people would never clean their dishes.
  3. I was in the break room when I saw a roach.
  4. I told a coworker: "I dare you to eat this cockroach"
  5. He said: "no"
  6. I said: "fine... How much would you give me to eat this cockroach"
    Yes I basically just dared myself.
  7. "$20"
  8. Me:"okay anyone else want in on this dare? If so, each of you have to give me $20, just to see me eat this roach"
  9. About 5 people agree.
  10. My thought: 5 people x $20 = $100
    At 17 that was a lot of money
  11. Maybe heat stroke got to me.
  12. I stare at this roach crawling around in this Tupperware container.
  13. It's about an inch and a half long.
  14. I grab a friend's 7-11 slurpee thinking I could use it to wash down the roach.
    It was Coke flavored. I hated Coke slurpee, but it was all I had in sight
  15. I grab the roach without mentally preparing myself.
    If I attempted to prepare myself I would just psych myself out of the dare
  16. Threw it in my mouth
    This is when one coworker screams like in a horror movie
  17. Remember... This is a LIVE cockroach.
  18. It didn't like being in my mouth.
  19. I tried chomping on it
  20. But it was running around inside my mouth avoiding my jaws
  21. Finally I chomp down on it.
  22. Immediately: the worst thing ever happened.
  23. The taste EXPLODED
  24. Imagine a Taco Bell hot sauce packet filled with stick bomb fluid.
  25. And you bite into said Taco Bell packet and the juices fill your mouth.
  26. Repulsive
  27. I grab the Slurpee and CHUG
  28. The Coke slurpee was not terrible. It masked the taste quite well.
  29. And that was the time I ate a cockroach
  30. No I did not get any of the money.