I mean, 25 is a quarter of a century. That's kinda a big deal. (Not really, but all the other ages I turn from now on are boring or depressing... Like "Over the Hill!"... Is that supposed to be encouraging?)
  1. Skydiving for the first time
    I've wanted to do this since I was 12. My plan was to do it when I turned 18... That never happened
  2. Buy a Paddleboard
    Last year I went paddle boarding for the first time and loved it. Now I really want a Paddleboard of my own!
  3. Buy some stuff for my new balcony.
    I mean I really want this, but also we are going to do this regardless if it's my birthday. So picking this would almost be like wasting my birthday.
  4. Rent an Airbnb in Tahoe and hang out for the weekend with @lunavino_skylarhops and my BF.
  5. Get a tattoo
    In the process of deciding what I want. I probably won't have it designed and figured out in time to get it by my birthday... But maybe to have it designed by my bday. And contact my tattoo artist!