Things on My Desk That Capture Who I Am

  1. When someone in the office is sick, you gotta fight hard to not get sick too!
  2. My super cool DIY computer stand
  3. Gotta keep life spicy!
  4. For those moments in the day when you need a pick me up.
  5. Safeway Monopoly board and tickets and strategy.
    BTW I JUST GOT MORE MAIL FROM @pili_ervin THAT CONSISTED OF 10 MORE TICKETS!!! You sir, are the coolest 😎
  6. My awesome dog calendar from my LA SS @ashleyapproved
  7. Dog mug as a pencil holder feat. Post-It's
  8. Mini easel holding my post its
  9. My cute mini book of happy thoughts!! ❤️
  10. A coffee mug that has day old (or more) coffee in it
  11. And finally....
  12. A bouquet of flowers that our contractors gave me because I put up with their shit
    Notice the Costco container of pretzels as a vase... We recycle in my office.