These are acronyms that only he uses, so when he talks to normal people they are thoroughly confused. Requested by @danashiroma
  1. LFT - La Fiesta Taqueria
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    When he uses an acronym for the first time I have to use context clues to figure out what he's saying. In this case he said shrimp tostadas.
  2. PCR - Prairie City Road
    "Take 50W and get off at PCR"... Sometimes he will say PRC by accident
  3. LT - Lana Thai
    Another restaurant
  4. CA - Cover Adjustment
    You might be wondering what the hell a cover adjustment even means... Basically it's the way he says "make the bed"
  5. BA - Blanket Adjustment
    A blanket adjustment is similar to a CA, except it's the blankets on our couch.
  6. DP - Dog Park
    We can get weird looks sometimes using this one since it's also an acronym for "double penetration" 😳🙈