I'm currently planning my own wedding. Here's what I'm going through. In no particular order:
  1. Make a Folder in Google Drive Entitled "Wedding Shit"
    Spreadsheets for DAYSSSS
  2. Create a Guest List
    Holy shit this part is awful. Rank your guests 1-3. 1 being your vital organs and they NEED to be invited, 2 being your muscles: great if they could be there, 3 being fat: they're the first to go if you have to cut your list.
  3. Come Up with a Budget
    Then add another $5,000 to it for a buffer.
  4. Pick a Venue
    Get a venue before you pick a date. Nobody likes to be disappointed when they find the perfect venue but they are booked on the day you told everyone was your wedding day. And now you have to call everyone again and tell them the day is switched. #aintnobodygottimeforthat
  5. Figure Out Your "Theme"
    Or don't. I don't really have theme besides "casual". When I got engaged everyone kept asking me what the theme is going to be. Like who the eff cares? Why do I need a theme for my wedding. Isn't "wedding" enough of a damn theme????
  6. Organize the Shit Out of Your Pinterest Boards
    I have about 10 different wedding boards (all secret btw) and they are organized by flowers, stationary, outfits, decor, etc. ALSO: delete all that stuff you pinned 7 years ago that you are not into anymore
  7. Download Wedding Wire or Equivalent App
    I am not endorsed or paid by WW to say this, but damn their app is super helpful for check lists.
  8. Make a Logo
    Branding is KEY!!!! I'm a graphic designer, so I get to design it all myself. You might think this makes things easier, but it does NOT! (Another list for later...)
  9. Ask Your Main Bitches to Be Your Bridesmaids
    Don't add someone bc you feel obligated! Just because you were in their wedding does NOT mean you have to have them in yours. I find it so odd when I go to a wedding and there is 12 bridesmaids.
  10. Start Picking Vendors
    If you are trying to save money, try to think of people you know who may be able to help you out in these categories. Example: your friend really likes photography and wants to grow her wedding photography portfolio. Or a friend who enjoys arranging flowers, BOOM there is your florist!