Why Orcas Are One of My Favorite Animals

Fun fact: an orca is actually a dolphin!!! (They are the largest dolphins too!!)
  1. Switching tones from my last list... This also shows why I'm so passionate about Tilli, captivity and SeaWorld.
  2. They stick together. Lots of animals leave their young, but orcas stay in a familial pod.
    4 generations have been spotted in the same pod
  3. This is the cutest effing commercial. And it made me cry.
  4. I need this shirt by munchkin.com
  5. Orca babies are cute AF
  6. This photo seriously brightens my day.
    Which is why it's my desktop background.
  7. They entertain WITHOUT being in a pool... Imagine that.
    Here's a pod following a boat just to say hi!! How much cooler would this be than to see Shamu do a flip?
  8. They are fucking smart and work in teams
  9. They are so terrifying they are cool
    Fun fact about me: when I have a dream that takes place on the beach, I will always dream of orcas. They are my constant (like the spinning top for Brad Pitt)
  10. They eat great white sharks!
    I respect sharks too... But it's kinda bad ass that they prey on an animal that has its own week on Discovery Channel. #orcaweek Anyone???
  11. Each pod has their own language!!
    Which is why throwing 5 different whales from different pods into one pool is like throwing 5 people who speak different languages in a room with no doors or windows and have them try to get out.
  12. They know how bad ass they are and aren't afraid of showing it!
    If I was one of these kayakers, I would shit my pants out of excitement and being scared.
  13. One of my favorite artist made an orca piece
    Banksy at Dismaland
  14. Whenever I see a video/photo of an orca in its natural habitat it gives me this freeing adventurous feeling inside. Kind of like that feeling you get when you watch the end of Free Willy.
  15. *cue Michael Jackson song*