I love Halloween way too much.
  1. Amy Winehouse - This is go-to costume if I'm ever stumped on what to dress up as. It's always a huge hit. Here's the first time I wore it, which is also the first time I hung out with MJ outside of work.
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  2. "Katy Perry" - I use this one loosely because I really had to improvise this costume. I went to see Sarah at Stout and I left my Amy Winehouse wig at home... But luckily I had a pair of heart shaped glasses. So I wore those and a sparkly top and called myself Katy Perry
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  3. Slutty Snow White - Always a great go-to costume since I'm pale AF and have dark hair. It just works.
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  4. Super Mario - ICONIC! I don't think I paid for a drink all night. Oh, and I met a pretty cute guy the night I wore this.. He still brings up this costume on occasion.
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  5. Cheerleader from Glee - I DID A COSTUME CHANGE IN MY CAR THIS NIGHT! Who even does that?
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  6. Hooters Girl - This one was awesome because I got to push up my boobs to the point where my mother called me and asked if I secretly got a boob job.. And I got to wear comfy shoes!
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  7. Binders Full of Women - Yeah, no one understood this one. But I thought it was clever.
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  8. Zombie Amy Winehouse - Duh, I wanted to use the wig again!
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  9. Paula Deen - Oh my gosh, I picked the worst possible time to do this costume. I wanted to be Paula because I love butter and I could put booze in a spray butter container (genius), but ended up getting called a "racist bitch" by a group of guys at a bar... Not my best move....
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  10. Old Lady - I just really wanted an excuse to wear a fanny pack and that awesome jacket.
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  11. Cat - I just really love cats, okay?
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  12. Zombie Hooters Girl - Last minute costume for a zombie pub crawl.
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  13. Zombie Michael Jackson - I LOVE MJ AND THIS COSTUME. That is all.
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