Life...a collection of stories that have come together to make up who you are now. Looking back through the lens at the characters, situations, plot twists....I should have written a book along time ago.
  1. The shattered fairytale. Summary: The uniform, the dress, floating on a cloud, only to be brought back to the darkness of reality.
  2. Go. Summary: Places experienced, things seen, a sensory overload of the traveling sorts.
  3. Well that was fun. Summary: Party, Drink, Talk, Hang, Party more...followed by sheer exhaustion
  4. One nighters at the insane asylum. Plot twist this chapter ends with (gasp) a kid.
  5. A new breed. Summary: New age dating, men trying to use a gorgeous body to compensate for the lack of brain function, completely hopeless, well....sort of
  6. Eat. Summary: See the food, eat the food, oh but how wonderful it is to BE the food.
  7. The Art of Going Insane. Summary: Raising little people solo AND surviving takes becoming insane, just make it an art form.
  8. Growing up and getting comfortable. Summary: Simple life, simple pleasures, happy, yet completely unsettling
  9. The next...