necessary tracks for any dad-oriented playlist
  1. joe cocker - the letter
    much more dad jam worthy than the original box tops version, complete with a horn section and, obvi, joe cocker, a dad icon.
  2. dire straits - sultans of swing
    the dad jamminess of this track runs DEEP. my boyfriend taught himself the guitar part recently as an act toward embracing his paternal side, and is obsessed lately with the twangy, rich guitar tone featured here. it's the classic "dad tone."
  3. eric clapton - pretending
    another one to feature "dad tone." no dad jam playlist is ever complete without something by clapton or one of his bands. a pioneer and a trailblazer in the realm of father music. also, the album on which this track appears is called "journeyman," which is clearly a very dad-esque title. (honorable mention: "cocaine." a track your dad likes regardless of his opinions on actual cocaine.)
  4. bonnie raitt - something to talk about
    dad jams require at least track or two by a strong female singer songwriter. added bonus if there's a country and/or folk element. has to be someone your dad harbors attraction toward in a respectable way.
  5. the who - eminence front
    good dad jams often feature a member of a popular dad band that later went solo, as with eric clapton, but tracks that feature vocals by a band member who isn't the usual singer are also fitting. i also needed to add something with some synth. this one features a very #dadtone guitar part, too.
  6. bob seger - night moves
    bob seger is basically everybody's dad.