i have a short attention span and tire easily. reading for leisure was a chore over the last couple years, but lately, i'm back in the game. this is what i have on the horizon, in no particular order
  1. "dirty rocker boys" by bobbie brown
    autobiography of bobbie brown, bleach blonde starlet of warrant's "cherry pie" video. she's also on a reality tv show called "ex-wives of rock," which i highly recommend. at this point, i pretty much consider myself to be bobbie's biggest fan. haven't read yet because i bought it like a month ago and was on something else.
  2. "house of leaves" by mark z. danielewski
    had this since high school, attempted on more than one occasion. never got through it. it's a rite of passage i've never experienced. boyfriend and i each have a copy, so we look like superfans.
  3. "the woman who walked into doors" by roddy doyle
    i lied that i finished this in high school.
  4. "the wind up bird chronicle" by haruki murakami
    this one is probably the most embarrassing to admit. acquired it 12+ years ago and never got around to it.
  5. "porno" by irvine welsh
    transcribed scottish dialect means me reading each paragraph four times. hard.
  6. "notable american women" by ben marcus
    most intriguing cover, least idea what it's about.
  7. "the ghost network" by catie disabato
    very recently released fiction, written by a friend of a friend. cracked it open today and am psyched about the subject matter.