i dye my own hair a lot. i've been messing around with the color since i was 12 or so, but the past year has really brought about some intense DIY transformation. you'll see a fraction of the billions of selfies i take annually. blonde is hard work.
  1. starting point: a deep reddish brown that was done in a salon by a friend but i later touched up myself. may 2014.
  2. october 2014. used a color remover and an ash blonde dye.
  3. also october 2014. went for a "violet ash blonde," turned out looking brown against my skin tone.
  4. february 2015. let it chill for a few months and then added a few subtle balayage-esque highlights.
  5. march 2015. some more highlights.
  6. still march 2015. full blonde.
  7. march 2015, again. first pass at silver.
  8. april 2015. silver-er.
  9. may 2015. probably the most saturated i could get it, after re-bleaching some parts and touching up the silver again.
  10. may 2015. and then i bleached all that shit out.
  11. june 2015. twice.
  12. june 2015. can't forget toner! was very pleased to achieve this color by myself.
  13. august 2015. outgrowth.