PLEASE fight me. Going back over this list I have found that I clearly have a type.
  1. Jess Mariano
    I will FOREVER defend Jess Mariano. He is Rory Gilmore's soulmate (Amy Sherman-Palladino confirmed). Yes, he's a little rough around the edges, but he is the most caring, smart, lovable, GORGEOUS man that Rory or anyone else has ever had the privilege to know. Also Dean Forrester is trash.
  2. Castiel
    Castiel will forever be the love of my life. He has done some questionable things (several alarming murders, etc.) but his heart is in the right place and he just really loves Dean Winchester and would do anything for him what is so wrong with that?
  3. Connor Walsh
    Connor Walsh is the best character on HTGAWM, which is saying something because I love them all. Connor, like everyone else on this list, makes questionable choices but he is precious and pure and afraid to be loved. He's also brilliant. He also gives up his bad boy nature to be with Oliver, who doesn't dream of that?
  4. Nick Miller
    Nick Miller is the most endearingly awkward man I've ever seen. He's perfect. He's into conspiracy theories, he's hysterically gullible, he does not know how to manage his money, and couldn't lie to save his own life. But he would do anything (except lie, he would try but he would not succeed) for the people he loves. Not to mention he never fails to make me laugh. I, too, believe horses came from outer space.
  5. George Michael Bluth
    George Michael Bluth is one of the most unfortunate children to ever have been birthed. He's kind of in love with his cousin, he has a questionable girlfriend, and a bizarrely awkward relationship with his dad. He has the purest intentions and is endearing clueless. He's the definition of cinnamon roll.