Please take me back please please please
  1. The language
    When I landed back at the States my dad stopped at a gas station on our drive home and I was so disoriented and I panicked because he couldn't speak French and wouldn't be able to communicate with the gas station workers. It was an unexpected reverse culture shock not hearing French all around me all the time.
  2. My friends
    I made the most wonderful friends who became family in no time. I miss being with them 24/7 walking the streets of our small little town and drinking wine on the front lawn and looking at the stars
  3. The FOOD
    Oh my GOD the food. I miss buying baguettes every day. I miss the espresso vending machines. I miss my daily chocolatine.
  4. Drinking
    I still drink, but I drank every. Single. Night. In France just for the hell of it and let me tell you I'd never felt healthier. That's surely not true but it was a blast and I don't regret a second.
  5. My small town/the culture
    In my town there was a huge festival every Wednesday of the summer and they would have tons of food stands, a flea market, and live performers. It was the best part of my week. I love the French culture so much. I feel like I fell right into it.
  6. The glamour of Paris
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    There are so many beautiful places in France, but of course I never felt more glamorous than when I was in Paris, the fashion capital of the world (which I never let any of my travel companions forget) I could've spent the rest of my life there shopping. Honestly.