Everything does but these do the most. At least out of things that I can think of at the moment.
  1. When Jess Mariano and Dean Forrester fight
    Please don't. Just don't. Stop the fighting. I can't take it.
  2. Jess Mariano in general
  3. Donald Trump
    Donald PLEASE for the love of God stop. Just stop everything I can't do it
  4. Everything about Supernatural
    I can't even elaborate on this
  5. When Hamilton cheats on Eliza with Maria Reynolds.
    It's a great song but gahhhh Eliza is gonna be mad and you know Burn is coming up I can't deal with that man
  6. Ordering food
    Everyone just LOOKS at you they look at you while you're telling them what you want to eat in detail and I don't think there's a time one could be more vulnerable
  7. When people insist that you walk first while they're stopped at a stop sign.
    Please. Please just go you can drive across this street must faster than I can walk but now you're just watching me and I don't know what to pace to walk at. Do I run? What if I fall? Do I take my time because they just should've GONE? I don't know man.
  8. When people think we don't need better gun control
    I tend to inch away very slowly and deliberately. I can't help it sorry. I'm afraid of you automatically.
  9. Space
    I love space. Love. But I am so very stressed out about it. It goes on forever. How it do that. We don't know. We never will know. I hate that. Hate.
  10. The fact that upon my rewatch of Gilmore Girls I have begun to like Dean Forrester
    Damn you, Jared Padalecki.
  11. Other people's relationships
    Solely because I am not in one. I was drunk the other night and I played a game with myself called Mad About It where I would bitch about every relationship I saw and say "mad about it" and then down my drink
  12. Dogs
    I'm stressed out by dogs because I desperately want them all to know that they are loved and that we as humans do not deserve there undying loyalty and affection. Dogs deserve a world untainted by the human race. Dogs are the alpha species. Also they don't support guns or Trump.
  13. Making decisions
    Don't ask me where I want to eat. Don't. Do. It.
  14. Babies
    Not in the same way as dogs. Im stressed out by babies because I want them no where near me.
  15. Misha Collins
    How do his eyes look like that it's very upsetting
  16. Barbara Walters
    I feel like she gives a lot of backhanded compliments and people just take it and laugh like Barb I'll fight you right here right now
  17. Snapchat
    I want the notification to go away but I don't want to answer you