1970's Idioms I Am Heavily Into

Brought to you by one of my favorite movies, "Foul Play". Which, I am watching with my family. EVERYTHING WAS COOLER IN THE 70's 😩😪
  1. Beaver Trap
    "Here it is, my own little Beaver Trap."
  2. You were put on this earth to do your thing and I was put on this earth to do mine... And if by some chance our things meet.... That's groovy. 🌍🍆
  3. Far Out.
  4. Mama
    "She was one tough old mama." Tbh I want to incorporate "mama" into my everyday vocabulary.
  5. Bonus: the 70's feminist character
  6. "Nobody's gonna mess with Stella, unless Stella wants to be messed."
  7. Gloria! Sweetheart! We live in a violent society! Weirdos are all around. Get them before they get you.
  8. Really, honey. You've got to drag yourself into the seventies! You've gotta get some merchandise. (Discussing, brass knuckles, and a screamer.)
  9. Take these. (The defense items) Without them, you are a lightbulb just waiting to get screwed.
  10. 👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽