Brought to you by one of my favorite movies, "Foul Play". Which, I am watching with my family. EVERYTHING WAS COOLER IN THE 70's 😩😪
  1. Beaver Trap
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    "Here it is, my own little Beaver Trap."
  2. You were put on this earth to do your thing and I was put on this earth to do mine... And if by some chance our things meet.... That's groovy. 🌍🍆
  3. Far Out.
  4. Mama
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    "She was one tough old mama." Tbh I want to incorporate "mama" into my everyday vocabulary.
  5. Bonus: the 70's feminist character
  6. "Nobody's gonna mess with Stella, unless Stella wants to be messed."
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  7. Gloria! Sweetheart! We live in a violent society! Weirdos are all around. Get them before they get you.
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  8. Really, honey. You've got to drag yourself into the seventies! You've gotta get some merchandise. (Discussing, brass knuckles, and a screamer.)
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  9. Take these. (The defense items) Without them, you are a lightbulb just waiting to get screwed.
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  10. 👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽