1. Roll out of bed too late.
  2. Get coffee and eat breakfast.
  3. Stare into space for a while.
  4. Look at lists and Instagram.
  5. Realize it's almost time for lunch.
  6. Eat lunch and watch Friends.
  7. Sit down at desk.
  8. Draw a few lines.
  9. Go on List.
  10. Feel really tired and like I might have a headache.
  11. Wonder if I should take a nap in exchange for working later tonight.
  12. Read the history of the choker necklace on buzzfeed.
  13. Watch the Jimmy Kimmel celebrity's reading mean tweets thing.
  14. Decide I need to focus. Draw a couple more lines.
  15. Realize my desk is SO unorganized.
  16. Leave the room to get cleaning supplies.
  17. Forget why I left the room.
  18. Get coffee.
  19. Go on List.
  20. Mascot :