From my inner adolescent who like to peak out every now and then.
  1. I'm sorry that I discredit your work, really, I am a huge fan of what you do.
  2. You breathe without me asking you to.
  3. You pump blood without a thought.
  4. I'm sorry that I give you such a hard time about how you look.
    Without doing anything to change that.
  5. I'm sorry that I fill you with so much anxiety and unnecessary thought.
    And for making your heart and adrenal glands work double time for no reason.
  6. I'm sorry that I show you artificial light all day and all night.
    And keep you up at night thinking of bad things and how you could give up one day.
  7. But when I stare at you for long enough... I stop seeing the bad and start embracing what's good.
  8. Because some things you can't change.
  9. Some things make you who you are.
    And not just like anyone else.
  10. I don't judge anyone the way I judge you.
    There's something very twisted about that.
  11. If I caught someone talking about someone else's body in the way I talk about you... I would call them an asshole and discredit every word they said about the other person.
  12. So, I'll stop being an asshole.
  13. Because, you really do amazing work.