It sucks ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  1. For me...
  2. It sneaks up behind me when I least expect it.
  3. And it tackles me to the ground.
  4. It coats me in thick tar until the weight of even moving my arms is something I can't manage.
  5. "Just don't think about it" is the worst advice.
  6. "I bet you'd feel better if you talked about it" is also the worst advice.
  7. "Just push through it." Also the worst advice.
  8. It seems like when I crack away most of the tar and start feeling lighter again.
  9. Another bucket of tar is dumped on my head.
  10. I've never doubted that I can wiggle my way out of this..
  11. But the hardest part is watching myself detach from my own life.
  12. Neglecting friendships and social media accounts ( 😉😉😉 )
  13. Until I kind of just want to set my phone on fire... In like the least dramatic sort of way.
  14. Giphy
  15. On the bright side, I generally feel more creative when I'm down.
  16. But, then again, what I produce is kind of a bummer....
  17. And yes... I did add GIFs to a depression list. Because GIFS ARE MY LIFE.