Father John Listy : An Experience

Title credit belongs to @nathanveshecco . I can't take credit for that genius.
  1. When you have tickets to see Father John.
  2. But, you also have social anxiety and are the first member of your crew to show up.
    And likely will be the only one for a couple hours.
  3. And you try to stand big to take up the space of two or three people.
  4. Because your spot could not be any better.
    My actual view.
  5. So anytime someone comes around you're like
  6. And you kind of expect / dread someone speaking to you. (And telling you to move / scoot over)
  7. And you kind of settle into a state of pride for overcoming your social anxiety.
  8. But it's actually more like this:
  9. You begin to fear what you've become.
  10. And by the time your friends show up...
  11. You're a monster.
  12. Who knows all the words to every Father John Misty song.
  13. And the only life that's for you... Is that hip swinging life.
  14. I'm a new lady.