Grey Gardens Quotes That Make Life Worth Living

The Edies have the answers to all of life's problems.
  1. If you're looking for solid fashion advice. Little Edie has got your back.
    "This is the best thing to wear for today, you understand. Because I don't like women in skirts and the best thing is to wear pantyhose or some pants under a short skirt, I think. Then you have the pants under the skirt and then you can pull the stockings up over the pants underneath the skirt. And you can always take off the skirt and use it as a cape. So I think this is the best costume for today."
  2. Losing your temper with your family this season? They understand.
    "God, if you only knew how I felt. I'm ready to kill."
  3. When you trying to choose you friends and you need some wisdom.
    "I tell you if there's anything worse than dealing with a staunch woman... S-T-A-U-N-C-H. There's nothing worse, I'm telling you. They don't weaken, no matter what."
  4. Wisdom on Dieting.
    "I'm losing quite a bit of weight. But I'm feeling perfectly terrible."
  5. When you're stuck at work, but it's a really nice day outside. They have you covered.
    "Will you shut up? It's a goddamn beautiful day! Shut up!"
  6. When you're just over it and want to do whatever the hell you want.
    "My days of pleasing men are over."
  7. When you're trying to find a compatible mate - come find Little Edie! She'll know what to do. 🕵
    "The Libra husband is reasonable. He is a born judge, and no other zodiacal type can order his life with so much wisdom." God! That's all I need: order! That's all I need: an ordered life. You know, a manager. But he's *got* to be a Libran. I have GOT to find a Libra man."
  8. This solid piece of relationship advice.
    "If you can't get a man to propose to you, you might as well be dead." 💅🏻
  9. Fight the power ! You do you.
    "Mother wanted me to come out in a kimono, so we had quite a fight."
  10. And also this legitimately inspiring and somewhat sad piece of wisdom.
    "I only mark the hours that shine."