My neighborhood is apparently shady af. With my neighbor across the street getting searched... And now this? Scale From 1-10 How Rude Is It to Watch My Neighbor's Home Get Searched From a Lawn Chair?
  1. It all began on a Saturday afternoon.
    Yes, today. Leave room for storytelling.
  2. I was at a four way stop. The two cars on the side street, go straight. The giant truck on the other side of the street from me, takes a left. Now, it's my turn to go right.
  3. Instead, this white car to the left of me, guns it. Obviously incensed that I'm taking my turn (??).
  4. He creeps up like he's going to hit me and honks his horn.
  5. I give him an Italian hand gesture.
    As opposed to the American standard he could have received. (🖕🏼) because, I was keeping it classy.
  6. I drive down the road and wait at a stop light. I've moved on.
  7. I go straight on to an access road for my neighborhood.
  8. I notice he's still behind me.
    "That's awkward" I think to myself.
  9. In case he's following me, I take a left instead of a right.
  10. He takes a left.
  11. I take a right.... He takes a right.
    It on.
  12. I take a last minute left and he goes straight. I go around the block.
  13. This bozo is trying to go back to the Main Street! But, now I'm behind him and feel safe to go home.
  14. 💥💥 FLASH FORWARD to the present. 💥💥
  15. I hear a car outside and expecting my grandparents.... I go to the window.
  16. The same car pulls into my neighbor's drive way and a POLICE CAR pulls up behind him.
  17. The two discuss something. He points at my house. They talk...
  18. The police officer leaves and so does the car.
  19. ...
  20. ...
    Did he get pulled over near me coincidentally? Was he trying to report me for going through a stop sign ON MY TURN?! Or even, if I had run a stop sign... This is no reason to follow someone HOME and report them to the POLICE.
  22. So... He knows where I live, now. And is obviously off his rocker.
  23. Hoping my Saturday doesn't end up like this...
  24. Or this
  25. Or this
  26. Or this.
  27. Because of a stop sign...