Are you a robot? 🤖
  1. Fantastic Man (( by William Onyeabor))
    Try not to dance. I dare you.
  2. Uptown Funk (( by Mark Ronson))
    You're welcome to have any sort of opinion about the quality of this song... But you probably won't be able to get through your opinion without dancing.
  3. Dancing On My Own (( by Robyn))
    I have no trouble dancing on my own to this song. I even danced when @emilyannlosey performed this song during karaoke. (Because she killed it)
  4. Baby Don't You Do It (( by Marvin Gaye ))
    This could just be me... But, I've always said I would be a clubber... If all the clubs in the world were 1960's soul themed.
  5. Age of Consent (( by New Order ))
    Just in case you want to dance like you're in the Breakfast Club (like me).
  6. Let's Hear It For The Boy
    But only if I'm in a supermarket
    Suggested by @alligeeshow
  7. Feel Good Inc by Gorillaz
    Suggested by @kate81
  8. Dancing with Myself - Billy Idol
    That seductive army crawl though
    Suggested by @shaniobrien