Jobs I'd Really Like to Do Other Than the One I'm Already Doing

  1. Officially getting paid to write all the children's books in the world.
    A slight variation of what I'm already doing... The unpaid... Follow your dreams... What is my life... Version...
  2. Animator
    And make animated short films like Julia Pott.
  3. Work for Google
    Honestly, I'm just interested in the facilities. I know nothing about computers.
  4. A baker.
    Having a bakery just seems like a super fun job. Working with your hands. Repetition. A clear start and end. Delicious treats! 😍
  5. Instagram famous
    I mean... I'm already on Instagram all the time. I might as well get paid for it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. Just generally getting paid to like... Watch movies and go to all kinds of restaurants.
    So like a movie/restaurant critic?
  7. Moral of the story? I'm apparently a materialistic sloth.