Important info: I build sets for a magazine. I've worked here for three years
  1. And thiiiiiiis bitch rolled on to the scene a year ago.
  2. She's not an employee - she's freelance.
  3. The first time I met her, she kept referring to me as "the intern".
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    Even though I told her repeatedly I was the Set Designer.
  4. I tried to let it roll of my back.
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    But then she started being rude. And raising her voice. And changing my set. And ordering me around. And... It just rubbed me the wrong way.
  5. She doesn't look me in the eye.
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  6. She doesn't speak directly to me.
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    Only in my direction or through another person.
  7. Then, flash forward to today...
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  8. Where my boss brought her newborn to set. Obviously, I'm gonna hold the baby all day.
  9. As people start coming in, she introduces people around the room.
  10. She introduces me... As the babysitter.
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    And she wasn't being funny. She was serious.
  11. It's only been a couple hours... But #prayforme because throat punching is in my future.
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  12. Also I only slept for an hour last night. So I'm mega salty.
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  13. UPDATE: she's literally talking to me rn. This is the back of her head
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    I can take a picture because I'm fairly certain she couldn't spot me in a line up.