My Airport Brand™

Because I live here, now. (This day holds 8 collective hours of layovers)
  1. Sushi sweater my niece made me buy.
  2. Headphones. Because don't talk to me.
  3. Eight ice coffees.
  4. Checking and then double checking what time all of my flights leave.
  5. Having a temper tantrum when I thought a solid hour had passed - but it's only been 15 minutes.
  6. Trying to drown out my traveling companion complaining about her exboyfriend.
    (One of the 21 year old nannies)
  7. Pinteresting Bachlorette Party ideas.
  8. Judging these off brand crocs.
  9. Trying to drown out my traveling companion's graphic descriptions of her period.
  10. Trying to catch up on my reading.
  11. Plotting the death of my travel companion.