This is what happens when you let coworkers in on your daydreams. The get twisted.
  1. With El Niño looming over the sea for Southern California - I've been dreaming some dreams.
  2. Largely based off of my dream that I lived in Washington. Where every day is this 👉🏽
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    Rainy every day.
  3. And I really can't go anywhere without rain boots - because I'm just super practical about the weather.
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    Effortless... Practical...
  4. So I mention to a coworker - man I'm so excited about the rain. I really need to get some rain boots.
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    Again... Effortless... Practical...
  5. She replies. Oh! You would SO wear rain boots. Like red rain boots.
    .... Red. Red?
  6. I smile politely. But in my head I see...
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  7. Also this...
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    My nephew's giraffe.
  8. And then another coworker overhears. She chimes in - "omg! I was just going to say that! I could totally see you in red rain boots."
    And they excitedly confer with each other. YES! Shiny red ones? YES! Like bright red? OMG yes! That's what I was thinking.
  9. Meanwhile I'm spiraling into a pit of despair.
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  10. This.
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  11. Also this.
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  12. And then also this.
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  13. I can't help but wonder... What is it about a person that makes them a shiny bright red rain boot sort of person.
    And is it appropriate to silently take offense to that. Coming from super sleek black rain boot kind of people.
  14. Can you tell what kind of person a person is... By what color rain boot you think they would wear?
  15. I think we've all learned something today. Let this marinade. Really meditate on it. What color rain boot are you?
  16. In conclusion, all this rain boot has brought about is horrendous procrastination.