My Retirement Brand™

Nap all day. Sleep all night. Party never. 👵🏼
  1. Midcentury Ranch-style in Palm Springs
    Break out the open toed orthopedics... Mama's gotta work on her toe tan and succulent garden.
  2. Lawn flamingos
    No explanation necessary.
  3. Pastel hair like a kween
  4. Gigantic glasses.
    The better to see you with, my dear. But also chic af.
  5. Kaftans
    I've worn my skinny jeans. I've buttoned my pants. I've lived my life... And I have no patience for pants, anymore.
  6. An Afghan Hound
  7. All of the strays
    Cats. Dogs. Birds. Lizards.
  8. Succulent garden
    It's literally all I talk about. I joined a gardening club, just to have a willing audience. My husband turns his hearing aid down the minute he hears "succulent".
  9. Beekeeping
    Likely illegal in Palm Springs, so I keep it pretty under wraps. Breaking Bad style.
  10. Jarring honey and giving it as a gift.
    V. V. On brand for me.
  11. Just generally keeping things phresh. Not giving into the Avalanche that is age.