I just can't. There's no time.
  1. I'm working on my career.
    For real, though. I'm not just blowing you off. I mean it this time.
  2. I just started listening to the Lord of the Rings audiobook.
    AFTER SOMEHOW LIVING MY WHOLE LIFE WITHOUT SEEING, READING, OR LISTENING TO IT. What am I doing with my life?! Honestly, I don't feel the need to have anything else on my list.
  3. I'm rearing a temperamental feline.
  4. Netflix and sweatpants > Netflix and chill
  5. I can decide, while en route to a party, that I just don't want to go.
    Without having to explain that to anyone.
  6. The only people who complain about me washing my hair once a week are saying it behind my back.
    (Insert confident GIF)
  7. Dating apps make me hate our generation.
    And dating IRL doesn't happen for introverts.
  8. I would probably have to clean my room.
  9. Also, my car. And I just don't want to.