Reasons Why I'm Pretty Sure My Cat Is My Spirit Animal

  1. She looks like a tiger.
    This isn't a reason - it's more an observation.
  2. She's pretty clumsy.
  3. She's really into eating paper and pens.
    I'm really into drawing on paper with pens.
  4. Neither of us have a vested interest in outside company.
    Like the one time she met another cat and wouldn't stop hissing. Similar to me at a party.
  5. She gets really pissed when I move her stuff.
    Just like me.
  6. Sometimes when she trips, she just kind of embraces being on the ground, and takes a nap.
    I really admire that.
  7. She doesn't like wearing pants.
  8. She likes attention on her terms.
  9. She takes snacks into the corner and eats them privately.
    With an air of silent shame.
  10. She's claustrophobic.
  11. She has little to no athletic ability and tires easily.